6A Fun and Mobiles

Essential question:

"This generation brings a playful mentality to work...and has been bred on interactive experiences." (35) [like video games] How will this technology be used to link NetGen students to educational interactive experiences. What should/ will this look like?

118885175_bcf6c34125.jpgOur generation is using technology from mobiles each and every day. Many things that we, as students, do is learn using the mobiles we have such as laptop computers, cell phones, and iPod Touches. On the iPod touch, you are able to download many applications that have to do with education. You can read books on the iPhone or iTouch and those can be used in a classroom environment, but teachers don’t realize that. There is a lot of new technology being introduced as technology evolves everyday. The Google Android operating system for mobiles is a prime example. The new system is very up to date with the new technology. I believe that teachers should be willing to open their eyes to technology and use it in their classrooms to make a better atmosphere in the classroom
Our generation, along with the next generation, has started to use many technology based products to ease their work and/or their work load. Many students are using the website, Seconds Life, to not only make a second world for fun, butsecond_life.jpg also to maybe attend the college class island to discuss college work. Second life has science labs for chemistry and physics; also it supports a virtual library and government entities. Along with Second life, there are many other places that support educational use. I have two younger brothers that have just received DS Gameboys. They will sit in their rooms and play against each other on Lego Star Wars, and then when they are done they will get on the chat feature and talk about the game, then pick a different game to play. Also, they both come home with a weekly spelling list and get very annoyed when my mom asks them to get off of the computer and go practice for an hour. Instead, they have found the site, www.spellingcity.com. They type in their word lists, and then they can choose from a variety of games to help them with their spelling words. It teaches them in a much different, and more effective way than my mom asking how to spell submarine five to ten times and them replying verbally.

Title - Mobile Devices
Video Number - 6.A.2
Author -Todd L USA, 2009

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Mobiles and Educational Interactive Experiences

Current Uses

How are students currently being taught in Gaming-like environments including virtual worlds, games, and activities using mobiles of all kinds? (Note: this can include mobile and gaming handheld controllers.)

In the post secondary level, and even in some high school such as Superior High School are using iTouches and laptops for 2661082540_79cf2c2288.jpgeducational purposes. On the iTouch it is extremely easy to share out documents, calendars, presentations, and spreadsheets with collaborators in the class or work environment using GoogleDocs or ZoHo. Using mobiles and such makes it extremely easy to access documents regarding the class or assignment. In places like a school in Ontario, they went down to one of the Canadian boarders and took some pictures of what goes on at the boarder. Many of these students were going in to the customs field, or even wanting to work at the Canadian boarder. After taking pictures they went in to Second Life and built a virtual Canadian boarder that they could get some “real” experience working at the boarder. Then, they made avatars with sayings that actual people would say and how they would react to their questions and such. [1] Many students are learning in a new way, and getting field experience without ever leaving the classroom.

Invention and Prediction

Predict ways that students could use mobiles to learn in interactive, gaming type environments. Note that this subwiki is somewhat short, so the invention / prediction section should include at least 4-5 concrete ideas so that it is the proper length.

Title - NetGenEd Project: Mobiles in the Classroom
Video Number - Add the video number -- 6.A.1
Author -Alex C, USA, 2009
Contributor(s) - Candice N., Kate V. Australia, Outsourced Video

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Students are using, and have been using cell phones for educational purposes whether the teachers have noticed or not. In a blog that I read545630286_b77d5e2992.jpg a woman explained her idea of banning cell phones. [2] She held up her arm, bearing a small scar. She said, “A friend stabbed me with a pencil in the fifth grade. The School, for some reason did not choose to ban pencils because my injury, I could also point out that the school did not ban paper when students were caught using them to write notes to friends, or cheat, or graffiti the boys’ room walls. Instead, the schools kept those technologies in place in the classroom, and taught with both of them and the appropriate use of them.” In the classroom, it excites students when allowed to use their cell phones in class. The iPod Touch has become popular in classroom use as well as cell phones. On the iPod Touch there are millions of different applicationsthat are easily downloadable, some used for fun and some used for educational purposes. There are different kinds of educational trivia, word games, and puzzles to help stimulate the brain. I believe that in the near future teachers are going to start catching on to the technology trend and start using cell phones and iPods more in classrooms. Start using them to text Google, check stocks on the iTouch, or make a survey on iGoogle and allow others to reply to a survey question. Technology is going to start becoming the new textbook in classrooms across the world.

Title - The Change of Education
Video Number - 6.A.3
Author - Sophie

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Hussain QA Qatar .
(HHS) - Massachusetts, USA
AlexC (SHS)- Montana, USA
Jakob(KS) - Auckland, NZ; Vienna, Austria
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