5A Collaboration and Mobiles

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Title - Our Generation
Video Number - 5.A.1
Author - Jenny, USA
Alternative Link to video: http://netgened.grownupdigital.com/video/jenny_mobiles-1

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Essential question:

Today's NetGen "influence each other through what we call N-fluence Networks - online networks of NetGeners who, among other things, discuss brands, companies, products, and services." This wiki will examine how this technology links students to their N-fluence networks (often called social networks) and how can it improve the learning experience through the linking to educational networks of all kinds through this device or technology. How can this be used to improve the educational experience?

N-Fluence Networks for Learning

Current Examples of How Mobiles Link NetGen students to N-Fluence Networks

Locate and share current examples of emerging n-fluence networks that link with mobiles and what they are doing to harness the power of mobiles. If you can locate current educational examples, please include them. (hint: NetGen and flat classroom let some students use their mobiles.)

Prediction and Invention

How should mobiles be linked to N-Fluence networks for learning. How would this look? How can it improve the educational experience?

Collaborating with Mobiles

This is a video on Collaboration and Mobiles done by Shaika from QA:

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Current Mobile Collaboration

How are students currently collaborating with Mobiles?
Students all around the world in schools and universities. Mobile collaboration let student work together and use moblies as gadgets. Students in class use their portables to go on the internet browser. The mobiles have been a really good way that people work together with their mobiles in to using their mobiles as a source for browsing. The new offers that the mobiles are offering attract people to buy the mobile and spend most of their time facebooking and also in our days the blackberry offers all arond the world. The blackberry messanger and people communicating and collabirating with their phones and chatting with people all over the world. Mobiles and collabortating with it is an essential thing in their lives and they have made it very easier for poeple to accses and communicate with each other.

Obstacles to mobile Collaboration

Are there obstacles to mobile collaboration?

In mobile collaboration, there will be an issue, at least in Cordova where I'm from, with connection speed, and connection availability. This would be an obstacle because if we're trying to collaborate, and work effectively, there needs to be a dependable connection. Without it, it would become pretty stressful, and hard to keep track, and keep up with everything that changes.-Jenny_chs


How should students be able to collaborate with mobiles?

Mobiles are very easy to use, and very accessible. If students were able to take something like mobiles that is very relevant to them, they could relate and understand criteria and agenda better. This could help students to be more organized and more influenced to do their work. Students should have a way of being able to communicate with their colleagues. T if we're working more towards an education that we can function to the best of our ability in. Students should have an approved site or social network that we are able to access and work on. The Ning site is a pretty good example, but if students were able to advance even more into something that can transfer information in different formats and applications without it being such a complicated process, just imagine how much collaboration students could get involved with! -Jenny_chs

Everyday students collabarate with echother using mobiles without even realizing it. Every day kids call and text using their phones asking about shcool homework and asignments. Phones these days also have access to the internet. The number one website used by kids our age is facebook. facebook is how many kids of our age collabarate and communicate. Now with access to Facebook on our phones, it makes it much easier to collabarate. Also kids now can send videos to eachother using their mobiles. These videos can be useful if someone needs help with an assingment. More expensive and hightech phones, the blackberry for example, have access to extremely fast internet and email. kids can email each other involving school work. Most phones these days do not have access to the internet and if the do they have slow connection. As more phones come out and become cheaper it will be easier for kids to collaborate using mobiles. Mobile collaboration will be the future of education.

Team Members:

Jenny_Ning. Cordova Alaska
Shikha_Ning QA Qatar