Meet Fred Haas and Hopkinton High School from Hopkinton, MA

So, welcome Fred Haas and his 22 ninth graders at Hopkinton High School in Hopkinton, MA, at the start of the Boston Marathon.

This project will be part of freshmen honors English course.

Fred's Role

In addition to assisting his students Fred will be one of the project judges on the Net Generation Education Challenge and Project Ning.

About the class

This English course is focused on thinking and feeling though reading and writing. It concentrates thematically on the notion of growth through experience. All the major works in the course were chosen to illuminate that idea in some fashion. Students analysis of the works will be concerned with exploring this primary theme, as well as additional themes and related questions.

Hopkinton High School is participating because:

This project is an initial step of a district-wide goal to increase use of technology to improve student learning. On the school level, this project exemplifies the high school's academic, social, and civic expectations, as well as fostering greater collaboration and expanded literacy skills.

Our Flattened Classroom

Hopkinton has been a long-standing member of Virtual High School (VHS), a non-profit organization of collaborative online education via a network of participating schools from around the globe. Fred Haas additionally teaches a Screenwriting Fundamentals course through VHS with students from member schools across the United States and multiple continents.