James Cook Boys School
Kogarah, Sydney, NSW Australia
Ms E Neyland, Computing Teacher/ Technology Integrator
22 Students
Grade 9 aged 14-15
Course: Information Software and Technology
Net Gen James Cook Boys School Page

Ringwood Secondary College
Ringwood, Victoria, Australia
Clare Rafferty- ELearning Leader, laptop coordinator
27 students
Grade 10 aged 15-16
Course: Commerce
Net Gen Ringwood Secondary Page

Hawkesdale P12 College
Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia
Anne Mirtschin, Teacher
20 students
Years 10/11 Aged 15 -17
Course: Year 9/10 IT elective and year 11 VCE IT
Net Gen Hawkesdale Page

Coburg Senior High School
Jess McCulloch, Teacher
Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2 students
Year 10 - Aged 15.
Course - Race Around The World (Humanities/Geography/Technology based subject)
Net Gen Ed Coburg Senior Page


Stonehill International School
Bangalore, India
Joan Huntley, PhD IB Technology Teacher
8 students
Grade 8, aged 13-14
Course: IB MYP Technology Level 3
Net Gen Stonehill Page

New Zealand

Kristin School
Aukland, New Zealand
Andrew Churches, Teacher
9 students
Year 12 aged 15 - 17
Course: ITGS
Net Gen Kristin Page


Beaconhouse School System
Islamabad, Pakistan
Soniiya Jahangir - Teacher
10 students
Grade 10
Net Gen Beaconhouse Page


Qatar Academy
Doha, Qatar
Dr. Sam Liberto, Head of Technology - Senior School
20 students
Grade 11 aged 16
Course: ITGS
Net Gen Qatar Academy Page


Cordova Jr/ Sr High School
Cordova, Alaska
Erin Hollowell
26 students
Course: 10th Grade English Language Arts
Net Gen Cordova Page
Tag: CHS

Hopkinton High School
Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Fred Haas
22 students
Grade 9
Course: English - Honors
Net Gen Hopkinton Page
Tag: HHS

North Schuylkill Jr/Sr High School
Ashland, Pennsylvania
Jennifer Kraft, Classrooms for the Future Coach and Siobahn Wagner, Social Studies Teacher
17 students
Grade 7
Course: Geography
Net Gen Schuylkill Page

St. Paul the Apostle School
Los Angeles. California
Marcia Bengry Alessi, Science Department Chair, Debate Coach (grades 5-8)
30 Students
Grade: 8
Course: Science
Net Gen St_Paul Page

Spring Woods High School
Houston, Texas
Estie Cuellar, Classroom Teacher
9 students
Grade 11 and 12 ages 17-18
Course: Business Education Independent Study
Net Gen Spring Woods Page

Superior High School
Superior, Montana
Diane Woodard, Technology Instructor, Technology Coordinator, TIC TOC Integration Specialists
Maureen Jones - World Literature Teacher, TIC TOC Grant Director
14 students
Grade 11 -12 ages 16-17
Course: Global Classrooms Advanced Tech and World Literature
Net Gen Superior Page
Tag: SHS

Union Intermediate High School
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Jeff Murry, Teacher
34 Students
Grade 9 and 10 - ages 14-16
Course this will be used with: Video Production
Net Gen Union Page

Westwood Schools
Camilla, Georgia
Vicki Davis, Teacher
16 students
Grade 10 aged 16
Course: Introduction to Computer Science
Net Gen Westwood Page
Tag: WHS

Worcester Academy
Worcester, Massachusetts
David Bill, Director of Academic Technology
16 students
Grade 10 Aged 16
Course: World Civilizations II
Net Gen Worcester Academy Page

Milton High School
Milton, Vermont
Gary Furlong, Teacher
30 students
Grade 10 aged 15-16
Course: Modern World Literature
Net Gen Milton Page