The NetGenEd Facilitators and Organizers are as follows.

Teacher Roles

Lead Facilitators

Lead Teachers / Mentors

These teachers have previously participated in a Flat Classroom project: Digiteen, Flat Classroom, or Horizon and are part of the steering committee and leadership organizational structure of the project - they may work to help in any area and will serve as mentors for the others.

  • Estie Cuellar - Teacher, Spring Woods High School - Houston, Texas
  • Anne Mirtschin - Teacher, Hawkesdale K12 - Hawkesdale, Australia - Team coordination and Google Doc

Expert Advisors

Our expert advisors will be coming onto the wiki to coach student groups to produce excellent writing and authentic research.
  • Lead Facilitator - Eric Brunsell, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, EXCEL Center, University of Wisconsin

Sounding Board

Our sounding board classrooms take 1-2 days to provide peer review for the student videos and sometimes the student wikis. We have had elementary classrooms all the way up to college participate in this way.


These teachers play a lead role in facilitation of discussions, review of blog posts, photographs, etc. on the Ning.
Lead Facilitators
  1. David Bill, Director of Academic Technology - Worcester Academy - Worcester, Massachusetts USA
  2. Clare Rafferty, Elearning Leader, Ringwood Secondary College - Ringwood Australia
  3. Diane Woodard, Technology Instructor, Superior High School Superior MT
  4. Gary Furlong, Teacher, Milton High School, Milton, Virginia


Lead Facilitators
  1. Erin Hollowell, Teacher, Cordova Alaska - Cordova Jr/ Sr. High School
  2. E Neyland, Teacher, Kogarah, Sydney Australia - James Cook Boys School
  3. Marcia Alessi, Teacher, Los Angeles, California - St. Paul the Apostle School
  4. (Chief Lead) Steve Madsen, Teacher, Wollongong New South Wales, Australia - The Illawarra Grammar School

Video Production and Outsourcing

Lead Facilitators: Jeff Murry, Teacher, Union Intermediate High School - Broken Arrow, Ok

Lesson Planning

These teachers will work closely with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay to create peripheral materials for the teachers to use as part of this project including handouts, instruction wikis, and any other method of communication. They will also watch the Google Group to answer questions or spot needs.
Lead Facilitators

Keynote Coordination

Judge Coordination

Coordinators will help organize and recruit judges to evaluate student work and make sure that a student wiki page is edited and accurate and able to be used for judging.
  • Fred Haas, Teacher, Hopkinton High School - Hopkinton, MA USA

Meta-Judge: Barbara Stefanics

Lead Liaisons

These people are involved in industry and are coordinating the work of the students within their various organizations.

Don Tapscott and nGenera

  • Kasi Bruno

Discovery Educators

  • Steve Dembo