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Meet Jennifer Kraft and her 17 grade 7 students.

So, welcome Jennifer Kraft from Ashland Pennsylvania atNorth Schuylkill Jr/ Sr High School l and her 17 grade 7 students
Jennifer is a Classrooms for the future coach and this will be part of a social sciences course for the school. She will be assisted by classroom teacher, Siobahn Wagner.

Jennifer's Role

Jennifer will be a lead facilitator of the Lesson Planning area along with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis

About Her Class

Students are beginning to use different tools. For most, Powerpoint is the tool they have predominantly used. Students will be working on this project during their 7th Grade Social Studies course. Ms. Wagner and Ms. Kraft will be co-teaching for this project. Ms. Kraft has used and trained on many different types of Web 2.0 tools.

This school is participating because:

"A large focus of the Classrooms for the Future grant is to connect and collaborate with other students on a worldwide level while gaining technology skills. This project would allow a class to really reach and connect with others while learning about real-life situations that will affect their future. As far as core curriculum, it will fit with several social studies and english objectives."

How She already "Flattened" Her Classroom

"The lead on this project is a Classrooms for the Future Technology coach who has a Master's in Technology Education. Students are becoming more familiar through the CFF grant with technology and web 2.0 tools. Jennifer has worked on two different projects through the Discovery Educator Network."

"I am very interested in becoming involved with this project," says Jennifer. "I think it would be a huge boost for our teachers to see this project in action and have a group that is a part of it. This would be a great way to get teachers and students more interested in the technology that is available to us."

About Jennifer Kraft

Discovery Educators, ISTE Member, State or Regional Technology Membership