Meet David Bill and Worcester Academy from Worcester, Massachusetts

So, welcome David Bill from Worcester Mass and his 16 10th graders at Worcester Academy

This is part of their World Civilizations II Course

David's Role

David will be one of the co-facilitators on the Ning (first come first serve) and is already using it in his classroom.

About His Class

His class already integrates a wide variety of Web 2.0 tools as an integral part of their curriculum.

"While my class is organized on Moodle and we use a Ning for online discussions. My World Civilizations II class uses Google Applications on a regular basis to create all of their project based work. The students use Delicious and Google Reader to share links that they find when working on a project. Most recently, we have been posting weekly YouTube videos to recap our work on a 'create a country' project."

David is participating because:

"The Net Generation Project supports both our school's strategic plan and my class objectives. My school is dedicated to making our students global citizens. I have done a great deal of work in my class to develop curriculum that focuses on that part of our strategic plan. All of the themes in my World Civilizations II class center around collaboration and global awareness. All of our work is done in groups and each theme we examine from the Economy to the Environment must be understood from a global context.

This project would intensify these ideas as the students would be able to see the concepts that they work on in class applied on a much larger scale. "

How David has already "Flattened" His Classroom

I have worked with a school in Romania last year during the NATO summit held in Bucharest. We developed our own solutions to the problems being addressed at the summit. I have been having professors from around the country present to my classes via Dimdim. I screencast the presentations and post them online. As Director of Academic Technology, I have also been posting Professional Development sessions online for my faculty. (

About David

Discovery Educators, ISTE Member, State or Regional Technology Membership - you can learn more about him