Meet Estie Cuellar and SpringWoods High School from Houston, Texas

So, welcome Estie from Springwoods and her 9 students from Springwoods.

This is an 'independent study' class.

Estie's Role

About Her Class

Estie says, "...both my students and I are fairly tech savvy...if I don't know the answer, I know how to find them!"

"Ning, wikispace, google reader, the process of getting new computers...but, currently have Dell GX270s with moviemaker, audacity...access to video computers will have Adobe Premier (still PCs, though)"

Re Web 2.0 tools: "We use them in this class constantly. We have even begun to use Chatzy to facilitate the learning process in class..."

Estie is participating because:

"The class I want to involve is an "Independent Study" Class. One of the core objectives is for students to learn how businesses operate in a market economy. Projects like NetGen teach students research, collaboration, and critical thinking skills (among a host of others)--all of which are necessary if they are to succeed in 21st century careers."

How Estie has already "Flattened" Her Classroom

Participation in Flat Classroom project 2008 and Came to Qatar for Flat Classroom Conference Student Summit with 3 students from Springwoods

About Estie

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