Meet Clare Rafferty and Ringwood Secondary College from Melbourne, Australia

So, welcome Clare and her 10th graders at Ringwood SC

This is part of their Commerce course

Clare's Role

About Her Class

"Students have 1:1 Mac book laptops - we use nings, wikis, blogs etc with the students have video conference equipment in the school and video conferenced to NZ previously, excellent access to both software and hardware , flip cameras, digital cameras, ipods etc"

Clare is participating because:

"I want to engage and stimulate my students and this project will be an excellent vehicle to support that goal. commerce we look at international perspective and this could be part of that aspect."

"I think global connections are vital to further my students education. I encourage my staff and my students to participate in global projects and try and do at least one with my students a year."

How Clare has already "Flattened" Her Classroom

Her class has participated in a gemini project with a school in England and South Africa; small world project last year with many countries; many other smaller projects with New Zealand schools; and a 20/20 global challenge.

About Clare

Clare uses Web 2.0 in her classrooms and presents pd to teachers across the state on using web 2.0 tools in their classrooms.

"I am the E learning leader and fairly proficient i am also the laptop co-ordinator and have my own technician for the laptop program"