Meet Andrew Churches and Kristin School from Auckland, New Zealand

So, welcome Andrew and his 9 Year 12 students from New Zealand
Kristin School is a K-13 independent co-educational school on Auckland's North Shore. Google maps View. We are an IB World school teaching PYP, MYP and Diploma programmes.
This project and collaboration is part of their ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) course.

Andrew's Role

About His Class

Andrew's class is PC based. He is using wikis and ning has access to most other tools particularly OSS. The class is an International baccalaureatte (IB) ITGS (Information Technology in a a Global Society) class. This is a two year course examining and investigation the impact of Information technology on society, particularly the ethical and social impacts.

Andrew is participating because:

Key to the ITGS programme is internationalism and a global perspective. My students nee to be able to look at problems and issues arising from the use of IT from a variety of perspectives and international viewpoints. The NetGenEd project allows us an opportunity to discuss and debate real world problems from a variety of perspectives and cultural view points.

How Andrew has already "Flattened" His Classroom

Part of the ITGS course at higher level is a examination element called the case study. The students are provided with the case study during year 1 of the course and research this casestudy for the examination. Students at Kristin School, John Paul College (Brisbane Australia), Vienna International School and the Qatar Academy have joinly developed a wiki researching the case study as a learning resources for themselves and any other IB ITGS students who are interested.
The case study wiki -
The ITGS classes also use to bookmark and record websites etc

About Andrew

Andrew shares his educational ideas, initiatives and research via his wiki at Ed Origami and on his blog