Meet Ms Neyland and James Cook Boys Technology High School

So, welcome her 9th graders at James Cook BTHS from Kogarah, Sydney

This is part of their year 9 information and software technology class

Ms Neyland's Role

  • will be helping to look after the wikis for sections C & D

About Her Class

This will be a positive Web 2.0 experience and has worked hard to make this happen for her class.

"I had to apply to the education department to get the netgen project site unblocked - so now the students can access it. Every student in my class has access to Windows MovieMaker and Audacity. At our school we also have macbooks installed with Garageband and iMovie. "

"We use moodle at our school, so students are quite familiar with wikis and blogs. We have recently included e-portfolios and quizzes in our online courses."

JCBTHS is participating because:

"This term we are studying digital media so creating a video about 21st century learning would enable the students to practise their project management, collaboration and video-editing skills. The specific outcomes relevant to our syllabus are outlined below:

5.3.2 acquires and manipulates data and information in an ethical manner.
5.2.1 describes and applies problem-solving processes when creating solutions
5.2.2 designs, produces and evaluates appropriate solutions to a range of challenging problems
5.2.3 critically analyses decision-making processes in a range of information and software solutions."

How JCBTHS has already "flattened" their classrooms

"My classes have never collaborated with other classes around the world so that's why I would like to try your project."


Moodle site: