Meet Anne Mirtschin from Hawkesdale P12 College

So welcome Anne from Victoria, Australia and her Grade 9-11 students

This is part of their Year 9/10 IT elective and year 11 VCE IT course

Anne's Role

For this project I will work with Estie and be one of the Lead Teachers / Mentors. So please let us know if you need help. This is a big project with a tight timeline.

About Her Class

"We have become more proficient since being involved in the flatclassroom project in 2008 and the flatclassroom conference in 2009. I am passionate about the flatclassroom concept and have experienced the best that it can offer. We have used nings, wikis, blogs and many other web2.0 tools. I am constantly on the look out for new tools and new uses of applying these tools in class and for educational purposes."
My year 11 VCE class is involved as part of their VCE curriculum and it will become one of their assesment tasks. Six of my year 9/10 ICT (Information and Communications Technology) class will also take part. They have already been involved in the end of year flatclassroomproject 2008 or the flatclassroom conference 2009. These girls were keen to volunteer again and be part of it.

Anne's school is participating because:

"I am passionate in ensuring that my students are well equipped for the digital age and lifelong learning. As such, I count myself in that category as well. I want my students from a small country school to be educated global citizens who know how to connect, communicate and create. I have also come home for the flatclassroom conference determined to continue making my classroom flat."

How has she already "Flattened" Her Classroom

"I hope that I and my students can build on the expertise and sharing that we experienced in the flatclassroom projectand conference. My same girls who participated in that project and conference would love to be involved in this project as will my year 11 VCE IT students"

"I am experimenting with virtual classroom software in my class and with students from other schools across the globe. I enjoy videoconferencing and have participated as the sounding board in the flathorizon project 2008, the flatclassroom project 2008 (second semester) and participated in the flatclassroom conference 2009"

About Anne

I am an ICT teacher in a small rural school in south east Australia. In mid 2007, I became very interested in working with web2.0 tools especially as I was a recipient of a rich picture case studies grant that required me to use web2.0 tools as part of that. A teacher blog and a backyard class blog, soon led to a class blog and to most of our school staff and students blogging. I worked closely with Jess McCulloch as part of teacher professional leave with our education department, researching "laying the eplanks in a web2.0 school". Over the past 18 months, I have made some wonderful connections across the globe and been involved in many different global projects. My twitter network alerted me to the fact that schools were required for the sounding board of the flathorizon project. I applied and my year 12 students were the sounding board for 2008. We then applied to be part of the flatclassroom project and have just come home from the flatclassroom conference in Qatar - another amazing experience for us. Another exciting project for my year 7s this year is thePing project, working in a virtual classroom with their virtual instructor and Melbourne Sympony Orchestra (MSO) musician in the 3MBS radio station in Melbourne (3 1/2 hours away) and the .