Meet Erin Hollowell and the Tenth Grade English Classes at Cordova High School

So, welcome from Erin Hollowell and her students at Cordova High School in Cordova, Alaska.
This is part of our tenth grade English Language Arts Classes. Cordova is a small town on the edge of Prince William Sound. Although we have roads in town, there are no roads leading to us, so if you want to visit, you'll have to take the ferry or fly in. The main industry of our town is fishing, primarily for salmon, but there's a lot more to do and see here. We do have a classroom blog at We have just started posting some comments about the first chapter of Don Tapscott's book Grown Up Digital.

Erin's Role

Erin will be one of the advisors for the wiki.

About Her Class

The tenth graders at Cordova High School are amazing. They are very technically savvy because they have had one-to-one laptops from the time they were in eighth grade. We're a Macintosh shop. Our classroom has a SmartBoard and Senteo clickers, as well as a teacher who is trying her hardest to learn all of the ins and outs of educational technology as fast as she can.

We are participating because:

We live in an isolated place but we are interested in collaborating with students from around the world. We want to be able to have a hand in the future of our education and how technology will impact it. This is our first "flat classroom" project, but we hope it will open the door to many many more.

How Erin has already "Flattened" Her Classroom

About Erin