Meet Soniiya Jahangir

I have done my masters in Physics and teaching O level at the moment. I have been teaching for 12 years. I have bsoni.jpgeen teaching here for 4 years. I am currently Emerging Technology Ambassador for the school. In this role i am supposed to introduce ICT in education in school making its vision of becoming a model future school. I am also a mother of two beautiful daughters, so i guess i am a 24/7 teacher though its hard at home.

Soniiya's Role

I teach computers to grade 9 in school and Physics to class 10th. Grade 9 and 10 are part of British O-Levels. Class9 and 10 would be participating in this project with me. Nine children will be participating in the project. I will be facilitating the process of collaboration on wiki. I am currently training them with tools for web 2.0 e.g Skype, Elluminate, Wiziq and Wikis.

About Her Class

Names of the participating Students:

Jannat Bokhari, 9th Grade
Madiha, 9th Grade
Sammar, 9th GradeFiza, 9th Grade.

Soniiya is participating because:

I have joined the conference in Qatar and fell in love with the concept. I have been inspired enough to be part of the next project. I also believe that ICT in education is the future and being a science teacher i know its crucial to use technology to demonstrate and elaborate scientific innovations perfectly. I also think without keeping up with the technologies, we will never be able to join the Global Village which world has turned into. Along with Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay and Minhaaj i hope i can pioneer the ICT in education trend in Pakistan.

How Soniiya has already "Flattened" His Classroom

About Soniiya