Superior High School - Global Classroom/World Literature, Montana USA

Welcome to Superior, Montana a rural community located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The enrollment at our school is 132 in grades 9-12. Although we are a small rural school we provide technology training for many schools in Western Montana. As the course instructors, Diane Woodard and Maureen Jones welcome you to our virtual learning environment. Superior High School... Superior Moodle

Diane's Role

I will be working as a facilitator on the Ning. I look forward to reading the discussions and looking at the content that the students of this project will provide. I have been interested in the dynamics of projects such as this ever since I heard about the Flat Classroom Project. I am excited to learn from all of you and am interested in the communities that you live in!

Maureen's Role

I will work closely with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay to create peripheral materials for the teachers to use as part of this project. Our class has been studying World Literature over the past semester and we are looking forward to collaborating with all of you on this project.

Global Classroom ~ World Literature

These courses focuses on the use of web 2.0 and open source software as tools for technology integration. They examine technology rich learning environments and explore various tools as a way to meet the diverse learning styles found in today’s classroom. Learning in today’s world takes place in a 24/7 time frame, through the use of collaborative tools and the Moodle we extend the classroom day and environment. With this drastic shift in pedagogy we meet the needs of today’s digital learner and provide a global perspective.

Global Opportunities

This project provides the opportunity to understand, in a richer way, the cultures in which we have learned about by traditional delivery methods. For the past semester we have used web 2.0 collaborative tools in numerous ways. Preparing our students to be successful Global Digital Citizens is one of the primary objects of our courses; we feel that this project meets this criteria perfectly. Additionally, the course objectives below are met through participation in this project:

Following the Course, students will:
1. Understand the importance of web 2.0 and open-source applications as essential tools for successful digital citizenship.
2. Apply the “new technology standards” and ways in which to meet these challenging new state guidelines.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of what a collaborative learning environment is and how to exercise responsible digital citizenship.
4. Develop projects in a collaborative learning environment using web 2.0 and open source tools.
Practice safe use of technology tools in a digital world.

Our Flat Classrooms

We feel that through the use of our social networking site (Ning), our classroom Moodle, and web 2.0 tools our students have experienced a 24/7 learning environment which allows connectivity and fits their schedules both socially and academically. Also, our students are participating in the iTouch project and each were given a 16gb 2nd gen iTouch to connect to their academic and social world. We also encourage and model for our students ways in which to use their cell phones as tools to connect to their digital world.