Meet Gary Furlong and Milton High School

So, welcome Gary from Milton, Vermont USA and 30 students from Milton HS.

This is part of their Modern World Literature course

Gary's Role

About His Class

"My classroom has 5 networked computers. My technology director has said that students may have access to the Ning. Wikis and Blogs are readily accessible to students. Students have created podcasts. Some have worked with video editing."

Gary is participating because:

"I teach World Literature and one of the goals is to have my students become more familiar with other cultures. As a school in rural, northern Vermont we have limited exposure to other cultures. We are also lookign for ways to have students work more collaboratively. I am a member of a district committee exploring ways to make our schools more relevant for students of the 21st century. The ability to read, write and communicate using modern technology is a goal of our curriculum."

"I believe my students would benefit greatly from participating in the project. I teach as a part of a tenth grade core team and work very closely with the history teacher on the team. We can be flexible with our schedule withing our core team time which will help in a project such as this."

How Gary has already "Flattened" His Classroom

" I have not participated in an online project. However, I do teach an online course through Virtual High School and have students collaborate on research and writing."

About Gary

Discovery Educators, ISTE Member