Video Numbering

Every video MUST have a unique video number. Here are the instructions for submitting and claiming your video number. These instructions are somewhat different as compared to past projects due to the huge number of expected videos.

1. Assign the Video Number

For Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers:
Create the video numbers in the following format Topic Letter.Manager.order posted

For project manager in Topic E it would look like this: E.PM.1
Assistant project manager: E.APM.1

For Everyone else:
Create the video numbers in the following format: topic number.topicletter.order posted.

The second person to post in Topic 1.E would look like this 1.E.2
The third person to post in Topic 1.E would look like this 1.E.3

2. Post the Video Number to the appropriate wiki page

Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers will post to the Main topic wiki (Overview)
Everyone else will post to their sub-wiki topic.

Insert (Embed) the video on the appropriate wiki page of your Topic. See Video Template below.

Video Template
Copy and paste this below your video on your MAIN Topic wiki page.
Title - Insert the title
Video Number - Add the video number -- See Video Number Instructions
Author - Insert your First name last initial, Country, Year
Contributor(s) - Insert first name last initial, country, year - Item contributed (list all items contributed for the video)
Insert video here. (The embedded video may be from the Ning, YouTube OR Teacher Tube, but you should include an alternate link beneath it.)
Alternate link(s) to video: Insert your direct link in case the embedded video is not operational.

3. Post the Video Number on the Master List of Videos

When your video is posted and "live" -- you must add it to the appropriate Master Video List wiki page for this project. See Links below.

If your video is not on a Master Video List, it WILL NOT be judged.


Project managers must make sure sure that no number is repeated and can reassign numbers as required.

NetGenEd Project 2009 Master Lists of Videos for Judging.

Topic A: Mobiles Master Video List

Topic B: Cloud Computing Master Video List

Topic C: Geo-Everything Master Video List

Topic D: The Personal Web Master Video List

Topic E: Semantic-Aware Applications Master Video List

Topic F: Smart Objects Master Video List