Please listen to the Judges meeting held in Elluminate April 1

Overview of Judging

The aim of judging is to come up with awards for multimedia artifacts to be listed on the Awards page of this wiki. Here is an example from a previous Flat Classroom Project.

This is to be done using the prepared rubrics in combination with an online form (in order to identify outright 'winners').

The Project in a Nutshell

Over 300 students from 18 classrooms in 6 different countries are addressing the challenges that face education in the 21st century. By analyzing the intersection of emerging technologies impacting education, identified in the New Media Consortium's 2009 Horizon Report , and the implications of Eight Generational Norms, identified in Don Tapscott's Grown Up Digital , students create videos to advance ideas of how education must change to stay relevant and exciting in the ever-changing Internet Age.

Essentially, students work in groups from different schools and different countries to produce content collaboratively on a wiki page from which they create an individual digital artifact (video), including out-sourced video or multimedia from another student, which they embed into their team wikipage. The students have to use a wide array of tools and develop amazing skills in the process, such as file compression, editing, working with audio and video files, working in different time zones to name just a few.The Net Gen Education Project is a global collaborative project based on The Flat Classroom Project created by Vicki Davis (Westwood Schools, USA) and Julie Lindsay (Qatar Academy, Qatar) in 2006.

It uses Web 2.0 tools to facilitate communication, interaction and collaboration between students and teachers from all participating classrooms. The topics studied and discussed is based on real-world research included in Don Tapscott's Grown Up Digital. One of the main goals of the project is to 'flatten' or lower the classroom walls, encouraging multiple classrooms working in consort to virtually become one large classroom. Read more about the Flat Classroom Project.

How does the judging work?

  • All Videos will be posted to the Entries page on the Net Gen Education Challenge network.
  • All submissions must be uploaded by a date to be specified (March 31, 2009) -- only videos that are turned in on time on the Master Video Lists will be judged.
  • It is anticipated that 6 or 7 judges will be needed per topic and 13-18 videos will be judged.
  • It is anticipated some topics will have more videos that other topics. Check the Master Video Lists. If a topic looks like it is overwhelmed with judges, as compared to the number of videos to be reviewed, please place your name in another topic area.
  • Criteria is based on the rubrics for Design and Technical Quality as well as Synthesis and Construction of Ideas
  • Judges may collaborate with each other before determining their final score. eg. using Google Docs
  • All judging teams are asked to fill in the online survey and determine their choices.
  • Review all videos first and choose your top 4.
  • Complete one survey form for each of these 4 videos.
  • Each judge has the option to nominate a personal favorite for an award (included in the survey). This is called your "Judges Choice" award.
  • Results are tallied and winners are announced during the Awards Ceremony


Each topic has a meta judge as listed below to determine the top award winning video in each category. The top videos in each category will be then judged by a senior judge, Barbara Stefanics, to determine the winner for the project.

Who is qualified to judge?

We encourage educators interested in learning to assess higher order thinking skills to be involved. We want people who can give feedback on the methodologies employed to move towards improving our assessment of such projects.

How do I sign up to judge?

  1. Click "Join this Space" in the top left corner of this page.
  2. As you put in your information, make sure that you complete the comment box with your name, location, and the topic that you would like to join. (This will send us your e-mail address and all information submitted is private.)
  3. Wait for approval - you will receive an e-mail noting your approval.
  4. If you are already a member of this wiki, continue with the following points.
  5. Join the NetGenEd Judges Group on the Ning to get announcements and updates.
  6. Return to this page.
  7. Add your information to the topic of your choice below (first to wiki it gets it! include a hyperlink to your bio).
  8. Be available to review/judge videos from April 6 for about 1 week.


Julie Lindsay and Vicki D avis are co-coordinating this project. Fred Hass and Vickie are primarily responsible for team assignment of judges. Vicki will handle the survey and tallies. To contact them, leave them a comment on the Ning or a private message on the Ning.

Judge Meeting

The meeting in Elluminate provided an update on procedure and timeline for forthcoming judging. If you could not make the meeting we suggest you listen to the recording linked here.
Please listen to the Judges meeting held in Elluminate April 1

List of Judges and Links to Wikis

Instructions and assignments are on the pages below.

Topic A: Mobiles: 35 videos

Topic B: Cloud Computing: 20 videos

Topic C: Geo-Everything: 22 videos

  • Meta Judge: Craig Union, Lawrenceville, GA
  • Judge 1: Marie Coleman, Lorenzo Walker Technical HS & Institute of Tech, Naples, FL - DONE
  • Judge 2: Merideth Ekwall, Hopkinton, MA DONE
  • Judge 3: April Witman, UWO Oshkosh WI- Done
  • Judge 4: Alisha Brandtmeier, UWO Oshkosh WI- Done
  • Judge 5: Eleasha Laskowski, UWO, Oshkosh, WI- Done
  • Judge 6: Sam Lee, UWO, Oshkosh, WI- Done
  • Judge 7: Koua Xiong, UWO, Oshkosh, WI- Done

Topic D: The Personal Web: 32 videos

Topic E: Semantic Aware Applications 21 videos

Topic F: Smart Objects 21 videos

  • Meta Judge: Mark van 't Hooft, Kent State University, RCET
  • Judge 1: Sara Pelech, UWO Oshkosh WI - DONE
  • Judge 2:Tracie Weisz, Tok, AK
  • Judge 3:Heather Davis, Beijing, China
  • Judge 4: Craig Union, Lawrenceville, GA
  • Judge 5: Michael Schmitt, UWO, Oshkosh, WI- Done
  • Judge 6: Victoria Schneider, UWO, Oshkosh, WI- Done