Geo-everything is in basic terms, giving everything a location, and being able to see where a person, place, or thing currently is. By using longitude and latitude, the location of any object, place, or person on Earth can be found. In order to do this however, coordinates need to be found, and then made visible. Here are a few helpful websites that show you how to Geo locate things,, and
Title - Geo-Everything
Video Number - C.PM.1
Author - Carly H. Australia 2009
Contributor(s) - Tim VanR and Wardah Emran Amir

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Today, many electronic devices can help us do this. GPS devices, laptops, and cell phones have the ability to use information from GPS satellites to find out where they are, and in turn, where its owner is. This can be used to get directions to a destination, or to show people a destination. Websites offer the ability to upload information about your history on the web, and then provide that information for the public. Cameras can also add the physical location of the picture, which is called Geo-tagging. When browsing for photos, they can see the pictures location.
Title - Netgened Video
Video Number - 3.C.1
Author - Ross R. United States 2009
Contributor(s) - James B, Brendan C, Steve Madsen, Ross R.

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Current technology

Geo-Everything is frequently used in classrooms, such as Google Earth , Google Maps, itouch apps, and geolocating cameras. It flattens the world and helps students get a better prospective of different cultures. Geo-Everything relies on the Internet, and it is what the Net Gen depends on for collaboration, social networking, and research.

Geo Technologies and the NetGen Generation

Team C.1 Freedom (Choice) and Geo Technologies

Freedom is having the ability to do your work with whatever tools you want, and being able to put your own personality in your work.

Team C.2 Customization and Geo Technologies

Customization is the right to change the way you learn with Geo- technologies to better adapt to your way of learning, and to make education more enjoyable through these tools.

Team C.3 Scrutiny (Transparency) and Geo Technologies

Team C.4 Integrity (Digital Citizenship) and Geo Technologies

Team C.5 Collaboration and Geo Technologies

Team C.6 Entertainment and Geo Technologies

Entertainment is using geo tagging, which is the latitude and longitude of where your are.

Team C.7 Speed and Geo Technologies

Team C.8 Innovation and Geo Technologies

Innovation is the ability to expand and explore your learning opportunities in the classroom.


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Team C.1

Hunter H. USA
rooster10-(SHS) Montana, USA
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Carolin (SIS) Bangalore,India
Caitlynn F(MHS) Vermont, USA

Team C.2

John_chs (CHS) Alaska, USA
Mike S (WA) Massachusetts, USA
Jack F (JCBTHS) Kogarah , AUS
Emma J (HHS) Massachusetts, USA
Matt B (RSC) Melbourne, AUS

Team C.3

Ross R(SPA), California, USA
Vernon L (JCBTHS) Sydney AUS
Callum B (HHS) Massachusetts, USA
Stanley A - SWHS, Texas, USA

Team C.4

Erica NS Ashland Pennsylvania, USA
Mitchell RSC, Melbourne, Australia
Daniel L JCBTHS, Sydney, Australia
Carolyn HHS, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Team C.5

Tom N - HPC, Australia
Tom R. - RCS, Melbourne, Australia
Patrick_CHS CHS, Cordova, Alaska, USA
Tevin NSHS Ashland Pennsylvania
EmilyMeC (MHS) Vermont, USA

Team C.6

Flick - HPC, Australia
Wesley_Y - SHS Montana, USA
Andrew M - NS, Pennsylvania, USA
Jocelyn G - SWHS, Texas, USA

Team C.7

Dane_CHS - (CHS) Alaska, USA
Chris JCBTHS Sydney Aus
Dan-G HHS, Hopkinton, USA
Calvin Y SPA, Los Angeles USA

Team C.8

Byrd Dawg - (SHS) Montana, USA
Shannon_CHS - (CHS) Alaska, USA
Sierra T. -(MHS) USA

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