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Cloud computing is when a company or organization connects many computers to distribute processing power. Those linked computers would be called that companies 'cloud.' The cloud pulls information from many computers together and then gives the user the final product. This allows for much faster computing. Cloud computing allows anyone to easily create applications and access them wherever the Internet is reachable. This is extremely convenient because you can access from a variety of devices. (iTouches, palms, cellphones, laptops.) Youtube, Flickr and Google store memory on a platform. Now anyone can watch a funny video or grab pictures from anywhere that has web access. No longer is there a need to save all files and content to a single computer, and hoping that it will never crash. It has been made possible that anyone can save their information on numerous web sites for free, such as There are many sites where someone can save, store, and view whenever and wherever necessary.

Cloud computing services are grouped into three types. The first and most common type is a cloud that serves a single purpose. An example of this type of cloud is Gmail. This type of cloud is accessed through the internet, and is used primarily for data storage. The second type of cloud presents an infrastructure where applications are built and used throughout several computers. An example of this is the Google App Engine, which lets you make and access your documents wherever you have access to the internet. Google Docs, Google Video, and Google Sites allow people to have everything they need online, instead of having to install programs onto their computers. The third type offers sheer computing resources without a development platform layer, like Amazon's Elastic Computer Cloud or the GoGrid(

Cloud computing is undoubtedly going to revolutionize the computer industry. It offers a completely new and creative way to save and access information. On the surface it appears as the perfect solution for all our 'computer crashing' problems. Although at the moment there are many reliability issues concerning cloud computing. Security issues with cloud computing transpire because it is located on the internet, it is susceptible to hackers that could potentially discover personal information or important financial information. [1]

Current Technology

Cloud computing is changing education for the better. It can be very useful in schools because of the access you can get from anywhere, and the amount of information that is available, not to mention how cheap it is. A current tech that is commonly used is the Moodle. It’s used to connect students to their teachers. Using the “cloud” you can access the from where ever there is a web connection.
Another site that is commonly used is where students are encouraged to voice their opinions and share what they think.

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Cloud Computing and the NetGen Generation

Team B.1 Freedom (Choice) and Cloud Computing

Team B.2 Customization and Cloud Computing

Team B.3 Scrutiny (Transparency) and Cloud Computing

Team B.4 Integrity (Digital Citizenship) and Cloud Computing

Team B.5 Collaboration and Cloud

Collaboration in the clouds is with the N-fluence Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Team B.6 Entertainment and Cloud Computing

Entertainment pertaining to cloud computing, it's current uses, and future potential.

Team B.7 Speed and Cloud Computing

Team B.8 Innovation and Cloud Computing

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