4D Integrity and the Personal Web

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Title - Education the way we want it
Video Number - 4.D.2
Author - Nick, USA, 2009

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Essential question:

Integrity says that "Technologies strip away the barriers between companies and their various constituencies". Likewise, integrity / Digital citizenship means that NetGen expects an ethical use of this tool not only by their school/ company/ organization but each other. How should this technology be used by schools, educators, and students in ways that reflect integrity? What are good uses or bad uses that have been documented? What sorts of agreements between institutions, educators, and students should be put in place to allow the effective use of this tool in an educational setting?

Ethical Use of the Personal Web in Schools and Universities

Student Ethics

What are documented good and bad uses of students using this tool in schools?
In Dan Tapscott said.
This tool is a great thing to have when trying to use it to find information and use it for educational purposes. Some people would rather be using this tool for everything but for education purpose. Others would actually use for education. This is a great tool to have inside of schools and universities, but it also requires the students to have a motive to use the tool properly.

Code of Ethics

What should be in a student code of ethics when using mobiles as part of their educational experience?

The students code of ethics should be what the students know is wrongs and right. If they know that doing something wrong will get them in trouble, they should not do it. If we are given this opportunity, we should be able to take advantage of it and choose to do the right thing with it.

Educator Ethics

What are the good and bad uses of this tool by educators?

For educators, this tool is good for them to learn how their students learn best. It is good if they see what every student has to say. If they choose to not pay attention to what the students have to say, then that would be a bad use of this tool for them. This tool is a good tool for educators if they choose to see what the students have to say and apply it.

Code of Ethics

What should be in an educator code of ethics when using or allowing the use of mobiles as part of the educational experience?

The same thing kind of goes for the educators, but in a more mature form. They are given this tool for the student's to use. If they choose not to use it as a tool and have the kids do what they like, the the kids are not going to be able to learn and use that this tool will help them a lot. Their job is to have the students use it properly.

Institutional Ethics

What are the good and bad uses of this tool by schools and universities?

Code of Ethics

What should be in an institutional code of ethics when using or allowing the use of this tool as part of the educational experience?

Title - Integrity Personal Web
Video Number - 4.D.5
Author - AbdulRahman, Qatar, 2009

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