3E Transparency and Semantic-Aware Apps

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If you ever look up someone’s name in a search engine, is comes up with so many things! It comes up with links to your facebook, myspace, some friends off your blogs, your school, other people with the same last name or the same full name, school newsletters with that name in it, and so much more! You can not put anything on the internet these days without someone being able to find it. If you use typealyzer you can look up someone’s email address or one of their blog addresses it will tell you the way they think and work like. Transparency is the social side of things, openness, communication and accountability. Hannah M

Essential question:

Businesses targeting NetGen should expect and welcome intense scrutiny of its products, promotional efforts, and their corporate practices."How will the use of this technology be done in a way that will allow the Net Generation to scrutinize the textbooks, information, teachers/ professors, schools, and companies that they interact with in the learning experience? What is happening or should be done in this area?"

Semantic-Aware Apps and Textbooks

How should semantic-aware apps be used to interact or authenticate information found in the textbooks and reading assignments in schools?

Semantic-Aware apps could be used to help students find certain information about the topics assigned to them by teachers or to help learn about things that they want to learn on their own time. They could help keep up to date information about facts or topics. For example, if Pluto is a planet or not or what the new types of space suits NASA have made. Semantic-Aware apps could help keep information new and fresh which can help students learn things better.

Semantic-Aware Apps and Teacher / Professor Transparency

How should semantic-aware apps be used to interact with teachers and professors in ways that respect privacy and personal time but also allow accessibility to information and learning?

Semantic-Aware apps and Educational Institution Transparency

How should semantic-aware apps be used to allow students and their parents to interact with the school or university that students attend in all areas of student life? (education, academics, enrollment, athletics, safety, dining, etc.)

They should be used so that students can find more information about colleges and university's so that they can make the right decision on which school to go to. Things like education, enrollment, athletics, safety and dining are all key factors in how a student chooses a school. They need to know what the school offers for an education, they need to know what the enrollment rate is so that if they don't qualify they can pick another school. Safety and dining are some important factors for students to also think about, is the school safe or not, is the food around the school cheap or expensive. These are all key factors in choosing the right school for a student and using Semantic-Aware Applications could help a lot. They could keep up-to-date information on all aspects of the school.

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//Steven G//, Cordova, Alaska, USA

Title - Semantic Aware Apps
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Olivia R ,NSHS, Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA
Title - Semantic Aware Applications
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Hannah M, HPC, Hawkesdale, Australia - link validated by Anne Mirtschin
Title - Semantic aware applications
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