3D Transparency and the Personal Web

Businesses targeting NetGen should expect and welcome intense scrutiny of its products, promotional efforts, and their corporate practices."How will the use of this technology be done in a way that will allow the NetGeneration to scrutinize the textbooks, information, teachers/ professors, schools, and companies that they interact with in the learning experience? What is happening or should be done in this area?"

The Personal Web and Textbooks

How should the personal web be used to interact or authenticate information found in the textbooks and reading assignments in schools?

As the world around us is rapidly changing in terms of technology, the mentality of today's generation towards ways of working is very different compared to the previous generation. Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Internet has been a vital tool towards connecting individuals worldwide, as mentioned in Friedman's book. As a result, tools such as the wiki itself are being used by many individuals around the world for many different purposes. Also, many educational institutions have taken the advantage of using the wiki (which is considered a personal web) to revolutionize the way scholars of today seek information and education. Amir,

Schools, such as Qatar Academy, are promoting the use of technology to educate students by posting assignments, deadlines and sources on personal web pages in order to increase the equality of access for students. As every student in Qatar Academy has the ability to access the internet, there shouldn't be a problem with distributing assignments. An example of the use of this method can be seen in QA HL history class where study materials and topics are posted online instead of being distributed manually by their teacher. Through this, students are able to access and download educational documents anywhere and at any time. On a research conducted by Nicola Doring from llemanau Technological University, she found that there are already professors that use the benefit of the Personal Web to post lectures, research projects, and courses. This is one of the ways that universities can promote Tele-learning.Amir,

The personal web is something that people can manage online content rather than just viewing it. As a result, people of all ages are creating customized web pages. Some blogging sites such as Wordpress.com and EduBlogs and others like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr have become mainstream because of the amount of people reading them and publishing on them. Nowadays, publishing information on the web has gone educational as well. Sites like, as Facebook help you keep in touch with people you haven’t seen since your college days. Sites like that have been helping people for a while now. So far, almost every social networking site has been gaining some sort of popularity in the past 12 to 18 months and has been educational use in some form. One of the downfalls to scrutiny as it has been noticeable is that “Net Geners” aren’t realizing that what they put on the personal web may be harmful to them when they are applying for a big job or applying to go to college. Today’s generation has high awareness about the world around them and they want to learn more about what is happening in the world around them. This can be dangerous in ways but also very helpful because it makes you very open to the world. But the kids of this generation know how to keep it subtle and that’s why we’re the smartest generation so far. Karishma N.

Students use the internet for many things, like school work, myspace, msn. The use of internet have clearly ease tasks for students because of the large amount of information stored on the world wide web. Timmy Van

The school St. Paul the Apostle uses websites and blogs to help students keep on track with their work. The teachers update blogs to remind students about tests, projects, and homework. They sometimes upload outlines or practice tests as well. This helps students stay somewhat updated on how to navigate around the internet and also helps them with their schoolwork simultaneously. On sites such as Youtube, students can find tutorials on how to do everything from test taking techniques to dance steps, and on sites such as Facebook, children and adults can keep connected. People can connect with their work associates on sites such as Facebook as well; however, many students can get too involved with the personal web and use it incorrectly, not helping them with learning at all and only for social purposes. Once the Net Generation understands and learns how to use the internet to our educational advantages as well, we could be much more productive.

One of the websites that the teachers use at St. Pauls to post information about their classes is Teacherweb
Once one logs on, you select your country, state, and then select your school. Next, you choose your teacher and you can find what you are looking for!
Since students in some schools, the use of laptops have taken the place of using textbooks. One can even get their text book online! An example of this is on my.hrw.com. If students used this website on their laptops in class, there would be no need for textbooks at all!
Mirali S.
Title - The Future of the Personal Web
Video Number - 3.D.1.
Author - Mirali S., USA 2009
Contributor(s) - Shadi G., Qatar, 2009

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The Personal Web and Teacher / Professor Transparency

How should the personal web be used to interact with teachers and professors in ways that respect privacy and personal time but also allow accessibility to information and learning?

We can contact or teachers and professors through websites such as wiki and ning there good because there not blocked and both children and teacher can them.
by Molly and Rhys

Because transparency is an issue, educational wikis should be restricted where only members can edit, upload and download files from the wiki. Although there are several security measures to increase privacy, this is not as reliable since there are no form of firewall that can protect them.

The Personal Web and Educational Institution Transparency

How should the personal web be used to allow students and their parents interact with the school or university that students attend in all areas of student life? (education, academics, enrollment, athletics, safety, dining, etc.)
Students can use emails, myspace or the wiki space so that students and teachers are able to access it to look for information about the courses or topics that they are working on during class or other things that they may need help with. Parents and guardians could use this to see and analyze their children's performance educationally. This idea can benifit the environment and if a particular student is not able to make it to school because he/she is sick then they could go to the page and complete his/her assignments in order to catch up with the class when he/she was absent. This should clearly be applied to higher education such as universities and research institutes because research have shown that the system that they use is considered to be very outdated.
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