3C Transparency and Geo-Everything

Essential question:

Businesses targeting NetGen should expect and welcome intense scrutiny of its products, promotional efforts, and their corporate practices."How will the use of this technology be done in a way that will allow the NetGeneration to scrutinize the textbooks, information, teachers/ professors, schools, and companies that they interact with in the learning experience? What is happening or should be done in this area?"

Geo-Technologies and Textbooks

How should geo-technologies be used to interact or authenticate information found in the textbooks and reading assignments in schools?

Geo-Technologies and Teacher / Professor Transparency

Tools like google latitude allow users to find where other users are located. But users should only be able to locate other users during school hours but not outside of school, to respect other peoples privacy. E.g. during school hours you are able to locate users but if you're outside school hours it's not that important to know where your teacher is.

Geo-Technologies and Educational Institution Transparency

Students and parents often go on vactions or trips during school breaks. Sometimes those students and parents go out of their country or stay in their country and venture out of the state or town they are indiginous to. Whether a student is in elementry school or is in high school the subject of geography is important and needs to be re-enforced. To do this, students and their parents can use geo-technologies such as location aware devices to map their journey or places they have visited on their trip or vacation. The students and parents could also use location aware devices that take photos and geo-tag those photos. After the break from school when the students go back, they can explain and show their trip to the class. Visual learning is very important in this generation and is proven to help children and teenagers to learn better. By showing the visual pictures of the trip, gives the other students in the class a better idea of the geography. The teacher may also be able to give a lesson in class about the area the student had visited and also show satilite imagery of the specific location. The teacher could also use other programs that show visual imagery of the geography to show more specifics such as land masses, bodies of water, buildings, and other geography that may be important to the teacher's lesson.


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