3B Transparency and Cloud Computing

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Essential question:

Businesses targeting NetGen should expect and welcome intense scrutiny of its products, promotional efforts, and their corporate practices."How will the use of this technology be done in a way that will allow the NetGeneration to scrutinize the textbooks, information, teachers/ professors, schools, and companies that they interact with in the learning experience? What is happening or should be done in this area?"

Cloud Computing and Textbooks

How should cloud computing be used to interact or authenticate information found in the textbooks and reading assignments in schools?

Instead its on the internet and anybody in the world can access the program.

Cloud computing can be used to authenticate and reinforce textbooks because now instead of just accepting whatever the textbook tells students, they can go into the web and find new knowledge from many sources. This can be used to find information that could back-up what the textbook says and possibly use a different approach to help the students learn. By not sticking to one resource it is easier to learn and accept what is said in the textbook. It is easier to believe something if it is heard from many different sources and easier to understand because each source will usually use a different approach to telling about the subject.

Cloud Computing and Teacher / Professor Transparency

How should cloud computing be used to interact with teachers and professors in ways that respect privacy and personal time but also allow accessibility to information and learning?

Because the new websites that use cloud computing have interoperability and user choice, students can compose an essay on a Web site and then teachers can access it and leave comments or fix errors such as spelling or grammar corrections.

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Cloud Computing and Educational Institution Transparency

How should cloud computing be used to allow students and their parents interact with the school or university that students attend in all areas of student life? (education, academics, enrollment, athletics, safety, dining, etc.)

Cloud Computing provides a way for students and parents to access any academic material or information from any device that provides the internet. People can now access information from any computer that they work at because the resources are kept on providers’ servers instead of users’ systems; you no longer have to go to the same computer just to access a piece of information that you had previously acquired. You can also use a different computer to look at something that you had written before on a program such as Google Documents.
Because of this, teachers could start to create their own websites and post their student’s academic needs on them. This would allow students to access information about homework or lessons when they’re home or anywhere else and didn’t write down that night’s assignment or are confused. Also, teachers could have students write their essays on Google Docs or other programs like that so the writing could be accessed anywhere at any time.

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Cloud computing will also make the websites that students use to access information much more reliable. This reason for this is stated in the paper Envisioning the Cloud: The Next Computing Paradigm. The paper says, “Competition will continue to drive cloud providers to enhance their reliability. Many companies already offer contracts that effectively guarantee near 100 percent of their time.” The paper also says that the government will be playing a role by aggressively enforcing cyber-crime laws. Also, a combination of market forces and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforcement of already existing laws can guarantee that internet users can have unfettered access to the Web sites and services that they choose.
This will help in the school environment by making the sources of information used to attain research more trustworthy; the research will be of higher quality.

Jarboe, Ken. "Cloud computing and the transformation of business." The Intangible Economy 23 Mar 2009 8 Apr 2009. http://www.athenaalliance.org/weblog/archives/2009/03/cloud_computing_and_the_transformation_of_business.html

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