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Students can use Smart Objects to customize their learning styles and make the information their own. One of the ways in which they can do this is by choosing where they learn. Smart Objects gives them accessibility to learn on the go, or at home if they choose to. "The thing that makes smart objects interesting is the way they connect the physical world with the world of information. Smart objects can be used to digitally manage physical things, to track them throughout their lifespan, and to annotate them with descriptions, opinions, instructions, warranties, tutorials, photographs, connections to other objects, and any other kind of contextual information imaginable" (27). This helps students enhance their learning experience by digitally managing everything they learn.

Smart Objects can help change the environment in which one learns. Different people learn in different ways and environments. Smart Objects can help people learn in their own way. This could help the people who have the hardest time learning to get better grades. Students should be able to choose the way they learn so it is fun and beneficial to them. This could help in bringing about a smarter generation. Smart Objects can also track different things for students. Smart Objects can help students keep track of assignments and important school related papers. They can also track a student's progress throughout the school year. This can help in class placement for the next year. Smart Objects are the future of technology in schools. More testing should be done in a school environment before they take over, but at some point, they should be incorporated in schools.

Customized Learning with Smart Objects

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