2E Customization and Semantic-Aware Apps

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Title - Semantic apps
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Author - Cem, JCBTHS
Contributor(s) - Annabelle
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Title: Semantic Assistant
Video Number: 2.E.2
Author - John V - WHS

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Contributor(s) - Jasmin

Essential question:

This generation changes everything in the "world around them - their desktop, Web site, ring tone, handle, screen-saver, news sources, and entertainment." (34) How do or should they customize this technology to supercharge their learning experiences - helping retain their interest and help them learn faster.?

Semantic awareness application will help teenagers with their education in many different ways; we should customize or create an account that will catch the eyes of teenagers. It needs to be interactive and we should be able to choose different backgrounds and customize the account to suit our personalities. It needs to be more appealing so teenager our age can submit work in a fun and interesting way. If the account or program is all of these, more teenagers will be submitting work, they will find it fun and an easy way to get good marks, with submitting there work in a program they like. This will make teenagers begin to pay more attention in what they are righting in their work because others view it and other people can comment on their use of language. MySpace is a perfect example of this application because you can customize it to suit your personality and you can submit blogs, which you would be able to use it for submitting your work. It can be commented by teachers, and accessed by the teachers.

Current or Emerging

Jott.com is a perfect example of a semantic aware application. All you have to do is call the jott number, say something into the phone, and it sends you a reply about what you said. It is pretty much an online task list manager. They run your message through a speech-to-text engine and then run it by a human operator for double checking. Jott.com is definitely the future for the old notebook planner.
There is a very interesting semantic aware application that is called typealyzer.com. It is a website that you put up one of your blog posts up and it can tell what kind of personality you have by what the words are that you type. It also tells you what part of the mind you use while you are blogging with a chart and tells you what kind of career you should pursue. This could be a major tool for the educational world.

Predictions and Inventions

Customized Semantic-Aware Apps Learning Improvements & Challenges

Current Or Emerging Improvements in Learning

The Cleveland Clinic is using semantic web concepts to search patient data to improve future patient care.

Challenges of Learning and Customization with Semantic-Aware Apps

What are the documented challenges or predicted challenges that come from customizing learning with semantic-aware apps.

The vision for the semantic web, originally advanced by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is that eventually it might be able to help people solve very difficult problems by presenting connections between apparently unrelated concepts, individuals, events, or things — connections that it would take many people many years to perceive, but that could become obvious through the kinds of associations made possible by semantic-aware applications.Most currently available semantic-aware applications are intended to assist with searching and finding, with making intellectual or social connections, or with advertising. Tools like TrueKnowledge.

Team Members:

John V WHS Camilla, GA USA
Cem D JCBTHS, Australia
Chantal T, RSC, Australia
Maura P NSHS, Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA