2D Customization and The Personal Web

Essential question:

This generation changes everything in the "world around them - their desktop, Web site, ring tone, handle, screen-saver, news sources, and entertainment." (34) How do or should they customize this technology to supercharge their learning experiences - helping retain their interest and help them learn faster.?

Customized Learning with the Personal Web

Current or Emerging

A current example of customized learning with the personal web is the Ning
Since it's a personal page that gets you to work with different groups such as our own;NetGen

Predictions and Inventions

Would it not be completely amazing to not have to customize everything; as if it followed you wherever you went? I am pretty tired of logging onto a computer at school and having to change my background and my desktop icons to make it easier to access the programs that I use most and then having to change it again when I log onto a different computer. Or what about downloading a new ring tone when a newer song comes out and your last one gets old? Gosh, it's not only getting expensive, but having to change it so often is really aggravating.

One day, in the near future a new invention will come out and all the programs and applications you use the most will follow you everywhere you go, whether it's to a friends house, church, on a family vacation or across the world. Technologies are becoming so advanced these days that nothing seems impossible anymore.

Like at our school we get to have these macs to do our school work on. We can customize some parts of it to fit how we could make learning easier for us. iGoogle and Ning are examples of the personal web that can help us with school.

As a result, people of all ages are creating customized, personal web-based environments to interact in their social, professional, and learning activities using whatever tools they prefer. Highly flexible and unique to each person, these personal web environments consist of collections of tools individually selected to suit the user’s style and preferences. Tools that foster personal and social forms of learning and expression, though technically unrelated, work together seamlessly without any need for complicated setup, thanks to open applications programming interfaces and easily integrated web feeds.

There is a lot of technology in our world these days. Technology can help us, or it can sometimes by useless. We use technology quite a lot. We use it for things like tickets for concerts, music, to buy things, and a lot of other stuff.

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Video Number - 2.D.1
Author - AbdulAziz, Qatar 2009

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