2B Customization and Cloud Computing

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Title - Cloud computing
Video Number - 2.B.3
Author - Daniel D JCBTHS
Contributor(s) - Kara M WHS
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Title - Customization of Cloud Computing
Video Number - 2.B
Author - Shadi G. Q.A.
Contributor(s) - Alicia S.

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Essential question:

This generation changes everything in the "world around them - their desktop, Web site, ring tone, handle, screen-saver, news sources, and entertainment." (34) How do or should they customize this technology to supercharge their learning experiences - helping retain their interest and help them learn faster.?

Customized Learning with Cloud Computing

Current or Emerging

Insert examples with hyperlinks of how students can currently customize their learning experience using cloud computing.
Students currently use their own computers and school computers at the same time, so saving files on a websites such as Google Docs would allow the students a better and faster access than using CDs, Flash drives, etc...

Large co operations such as IBM and Google are encouraging and contributing the use and learning of cloud computing in universities by offering university students, professors, and researchers anytime, anywhere access to software development tools via cloud computing. This enhances the research being done by the universities and increases the number of resources available to increase the efficiency and speed as the softwares do not need to be installed. Source

Students who use cloud computing on sites like Google Docs and Google Sites speed up the learning process in the classroom. These programs help students share their work with others in the classroom or out of the classroom for that matter. As previously stated the students no longer have to bring in CD's or Flash drives and waste their time trying to save things onto the computer. The students using clouds can also be editing the same paper/site etc... at the same time. The use of clouds in the classroom has customized the learning experience and has made it much more efficient than it was previously. In my experience with cloud-computing I enjoy using this because it is so easy to edit it anywhere I am without having a memory stick or anything. All I have to have is an account with Google Apps and make sure that the document is shared with me. The use of clouds eliminates the hassle of meeting face to face with the other members of your group but instead all you have to do is log on and edit your document or site. The only use of cloud-computing that I have dealt with is Google Apps and I think that it should be integrated into classes and group work much more. Nick G

Predictions and Inventions

Insert examples with hyperlinks (if possible) of how students should be able to customize their learning with cloud computing.

Customized Cloud Computing Improvements & Challenges

Current Or Emerging Improvements in Learning

Google App Engine (http://code.google.com/appengine/) allows coderss to create and host tailored programs using Google’s computing resources.

Challenges of Learning and Customization with Mobiles

What are the documented challenges or predicted challenges that come from customizing learning with cloud computing.

Team Members:

//Daniel D// Jcbth Sydney Australia
Shadi QA Qatar

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