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Today, it is true that almost every student has a mobile device, such as portable cellphones, ipods, and laptops. These students, Net Geners, eventually have much more opportunities to study using mobiles than people from Baby Boom Generation had.
Over the years, mobile phones have taken large steps towards communication. Other than mobiles keeping people connected to the world, mobile phones today have become extremely important and valuable tools. Looking at the technological developments currently happening with mobile phones, a lot of technological characteristics have been built and carry out a variety of functions that can be run on an electronic system, in adapt with the present day.

Essential Question:

How should technology be customized to best fit learning and educational experiences?

Customized Learning with Mobiles

Current or Emerging

Currently, there are many examples of learning experiences using mobiles in the world:

1. Some of the most decent examples are the applications in iPhones and iPods. Not only do they have wireless internet connection, but these various applications on the iPhone are the biggest development of customizing mobiles. IPhone is currently offering tons of applications that people can customize easily. For example, one application on the iPhone offers the experience of learning Japanese and can be easily customized. Also, one site is offering tons of diverse applications for iPhone where people can even create applications.

Predictions and Inventions

1. Students may be able to learn different languages by using the iPhone or similar mobile devices instead of being in a foreign language class. If some students move quicker than others at the language, they would be able to put earbuds into their mobile device during class and learn instead of going over information that they have already mastered. Students would be customizing their ability to challenge themselves.

2. Currently in parts of the United States, there are schools who issue laptops to every single student in the school to better enhance their writing ability. Test scores have shown that students with laptops have had scores 66% better than students without laptops. Maybe in the future, mobile devices with built in word processors will be given to every student in every school. Students would then be capable of working on their homework via mobile device at any time and in any place. Also, since having computers for all parts of the writing process is shown to enhance the writing ability of students, not only would homework be able to be completed more easily, but it would probably also be done more thoroughly.

3. By simply texting a number run by Google, it is possibly to get almost any question answered in a matter of seconds. No need to wait for a computer to boot up, no worries with a slow internet connection, all you need to do is text Google! If cell phones were allowed in schools for educational purposes, students would be able to find information more quickly which would leave more time for educational experiences. Instead of spending ten minutes looking for a definition in a dictionary, students could jn turn spend 30 seconds asking Google. Instead of informational sites being blocked on the school servers, students could get the answer to their question right off rather than skimming to find the right site and then the right information. Students could better customize their learning experiences if they had more time to do so. They could be more individual by being able to text this number, and by being able to look up whatever information they needed at any time they needed, students would be able to better customize their learning.

Mobile phones such as the IPhone or the Google Android provide particular applications that are available to be downloaded or added to the phones. These applications are a way to customize your phone to have what you want on it. In school, these applications could be used to help students learn better and more efficiently. On the IPhone, there are apps available for the following topics: books, buisiness, education, entertainment, finance, games, healthcare and fitness, and lifestyle. The apps like “books” and “education” could help students benefit and learn better in school, and have fun with technology while doing it!

Customized Mobile Learning Improvements & Challenges

Current or Emerging Improvements in Learning

Can you document an improvement in learning that comes from the fact that mobiles allow students to customize learning? Include hyperlinks.

Challenges of Learning and Customization with Mobiles

By allowing students to use mobile devices at school, there is a risk that they would be cheating or talking to their friends instead of doing school work. However presently, those are both issues already. Bringing mobiles into education would probably increase the lack of school work being completed and the amount of cheating among students.

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