1D Choice and the Personal Web

"Choice is like oxygen to this generation."

net4.jpgTeens now revel in freedom. Our world today revolves around our choices. Students learn worst when they are being forced and their freedom is cut off, it is distracting to students today."They want freedom in everything they do, from freedom of choice to freedom of expression."[1] In this day and age, adolescents want to learn when they want to and where.

The internet is where most of teen’s knowledge is obtained, simply by clicking their way through pages and sites. The present generation, Net Geners, are diverse learners than the past generations. "As the Net Generation grows in influence, the trend will be toward networks, not hierarchies, toward open collaboration rather than command, toward consensus rather than arbitrary rule, and toward enablement rather than control."[2] This generation thrives for freedom, and learns best as they receive it; they have the freedom to study and continually advance from the World Wide Web and the immense amount of technology offered in this day and age. Student’s love the freedom to research and discover new information anywhere on the web at any place and time. A brilliant example of this is term Mobiles, like Blackberry Phones or iTouches, these devices allow you to connect to the internet and surf the web, research, pay bills, do some shopping, and of course, connect to social networks at anytime.

Title - Personal Web - Choice
Video Number - 1.D.4
Author - Rawan Abu-Zant, Qatar (QA)

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Title - Personal Web and Freedom.
Video Number - 1. D. 2.
Author - Shealey,USA, 2000
Contributor(s) - Brendan C, James B, TIGS Australia
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How the Personal Web Gives Students Choices of Where and How they Will Learn

Current or Emerging

compu.jpgDaniel R. Tobin says that there are four stages of learning; Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Daniel R. Tobin posted a Building Your Personal Learning Network [3] paper, he talks about how you can use the you personal learning network to help you in the corporate world, how it helps your job life. A personal Learning Network is like being in a room crowded with experts and novices without the problem of trying to scream over everybody else to ask your questions or get your point across.

The current generation is incredibly dissimilar from past generations, it’s almost mind-boggling. Net Gener’s value their personal web, and the freedom it provides. The World Wide Web offers endless sites, applications, Web 2. 0. tools, social networks, etc, all of which students’ today gather oodles amounts of knowledge from, and store it. It should becoming clear, freedom to look up statistics, data, and such is how adolescents learn in present day society, using Google, Blogger, Ask.com, etc, the list goes on for days. Truly amazing, to say the very least.

Predictions and Inventions

"technology-rich learning environments"[4]

The future will hold, "outdoor classroom, integrated learning, inquiry and engagement could be the norm for high school students. Learning in cyberspace, where shared learning and personal learning plans could be supported by virtual learning games, virtual tutors and virtual counselor."[5]

The future will present to adolescents a new way of learning, known as digital learning. The future will introduce interactive learning environments, communication, technology based environments, and collaboration in classrooms, "schools without walls." Learning will be customized to fit students needs and tailored to the way they inhale information. Students thrive for technology and freedom, and future learning environments will present just that.

Title - Cell Phones as a Learning DeviceVideo Number - 1.D.1.Author - Kaycie E.,USA, 2009Contributor(s) - Kaycie E., USA, 2009WHS students and teachers USAShannon (CHS) USAKen W. Tony L. (Australia)Insert video here.Alternate link(s) to video:Ning

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Title - ChoiceVideo Number - 1.D.3Author - Nicloe.,USA, 2009Alternate link(s) to video: http://netgened.grownupdigital.com/video/nicole_chs-1

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How Topic Provide Choices for Assessment and Demonstration of Learning

Current Or Emerging

Students are using the personal web for library research, media studies and foreign language.
Insert examples with hyperlinks of how students are being assessed by their teachers or professors using the Personal Web.

Predictions and Inventions

Students should be accepted by teachers and professors when using Personal Web. Clearly, the Net Generation is completely diverse than past generations."They are exposed to digital technology in virtually all facets of their day-to-day existence, and it is not difficult to see that this is having a profound impact of their personalities, including their attitudes and approach to learning. From the educators' perspective, this technology is making today's kids the most demanding and challenging students in history. I believe this is cause for celebration, and that our educational system should eagerly embrace the new opportunities this technology offers. [6]
The Net Generation is driven to succeed, thrives for speed, and graves technology. The way students are being educated needs to change, drastically. "The new media, particularly the Internet, enables centering of the learning experience on the individual rather than on the transmitter."[7] Classrooms need to be centered around technology and lectures should be taught in a way students take in information, digital learning, visual learning, and interactive learning. Lessons needs to be tailored to fit students, meaning technology it vital and collaborating a necessity in classrooms.

"Learning will become a social activity, facilitated by a new generation of educators."

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