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It is always good to get a wide source of information in school. However, every student wants to learn about what they enjoy. There are always students who say they hate their classes. If kids got the freedom to choose their main subjects in school they would achieve at a higher rate and enjoy what they are learning. This could possibly make people more efficient in their jobs if they could start learning about them at a younger age. If the students could choose the subjects that they learn about they could pick subjects that they are good in.[1]

How Geo Technologies Give Students Choices of Where and How they Will Learn

Current or Emerging

In the moment students, use Geo-technologies for example: their projects. If you have to do a project you have to look up the
coordinates of the place you chose. They also learn when they have a cell-phone and there is a GPS in their friend's cell-phone. Then they can locate their friend and it will give you the data. Students can learn with this about locating and reading maps.If students go on a field trip in geography, for example, they most likely have to use a compass with a given coordinates to find a specific place.[2]

Predictions and Inventions

Geo Technologies will help people significantly in the future. Geo Technologies will help students in many ways, and will take them to the next step in their education. Geo Technologies will give students the ability to take virtual tours of museums and historical sites without leaving the classroom. They would then be able to look at historical sites and other such sites, instead of reading about it in a book. The capabilities of Geo Technologies are endless.[3]

How Topic Provide Choices for Assessment and Demonstration of Learning

Current Or Emerging

Schools all around the world are using geo-location devices for class every day. GPS gadgets are being used for scavenger hunts,
or simply going on hikes. They can mark where they have been, and where they are going. Students all over the world are using Google Earth. They can virtually explore the earth’s surface without actually taking the time to travel. Google Earth can be used
in many different subjects such as History, Consumer Economics, Science, Art, Government, Physical Education, Math, etc. These gadgets are very useful in the classroom, and in modern life.

Predictions and Inventions

Geo-technologies should be used more in the classroom. Using these technologies would help them in the real world. It's about time that the classrooms catch up to the technology, and actually help the kids with the technology that they will be using in their daily lives. All in all, Geo Technologies will save time and money.

Title - Geo Location Freedom
Video Number - 1.C.2
Author - Travis S, USA, 2009
Contributor(s) - Geoff L, Athon M, Australia, Outsourced Video

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Title - What Education Should Look Like
Video Number - 4.C.1
Author - Erica B., USA, 2009
Contributor(s) - Outsource request was not filled

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