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Essential question:

"Choice is like oxygen to this generation." (34) How is or should this technology be used in education to give students a choice of how, where and when they will learn or be assessed?

How Cloud Computing Gives Students Choices of Where and How they Will Learn

Current or Emerging

Cloud Computing is changing how and where students learn. Cloud Computing gives students choi
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Ipod Touch
ces and freedoms they didn't have before, being able to access their information from the clouds from virtually anywhere, or anytime. Some very relevant current technology would be Google App's. These basic innovations allow people to store their documents, spreadsheets, sites and much more in the clouds. This means freedom from storing files on just one computer and from trying to transport those files from computer to computer with a USB or other device. Another very useful emerging technology would be the ITouch. This very useful product allows students easy access to their homework and things they store in the clouds, thus allowing them to work anytime and anyplace where they have Wifi. There are many ITouch Apps that involve using the clouds, including all the Google Apps. Another Itouch App that is very powerful is Soonr, which allows a person to create their own cloud where they can store virtually anything and access it on their ITouch.

Title - Cloud Computing, Freedom.
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Predictions and Inventions

Cloud computing has many possibilities for new innovations and inventions that will give students more choices of how and where they learn. Mark Andreessen envisions "I think that kids coming out of college over the next several years are going to wonder why anyone ever built apps for anything other than "the cloud" -- the Internet -- and, ultimately, why they did so with anything other than the... (cloud) platforms that we as an industry are going to build over the next several years."[1] Many changes and innovations in cloud computing are taking place right now, and there are many predictions of new cloud computing technologies that will be taking place within the next few years. According to the "The Ten Cloud Computing Predictions For 2009"[2] from the GoGrid Blog, there are many changes that will be taking place in Cloud Computing. One being that Web 3.0 is upon us, which will make data-shared applications run much more smoothly. This will make students freer to collaborate when and where they want.

Cloud computing I think will allow the next generation to have an endless sources and information, this will allow students and teachers to discuss and share ideas from any computer. Cloud computing will have a massive influence on how we learn. We will be able to take full advantage of the ready made applications.

Title - Cloud Computing,
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How Cloud Computing Provides Choices for Assessment and Demonstration of Learning

Current Or Emerging

This is an interesting article that discusses cloud computing ARTICLE. In the article it discusses the good and bad points of cloud computing and and has quotes of reporters and teacher points of views. It really is just about peoples opinion. The reporter seems to believe that cloud computing is going to be just as influential as software.I think that the reporter has a good point, cloud computing really does have the chance to become a big part of our education. As you reading this cloud computing is becoming more developed by the minute, cheap, fast and easy to use I believe cloud computing will defiantly become a massive influence.

Predictions and Inventions

Using cloud computing in class can be be very interesting and different way to educate the next generation of students! For example,you are in history, students could have their own page and discuss with teachers and other students about their topic. After reading students blog the teacher could leave comments on students page, correcting or grading them. Using cloud computing would be convenient, cheap, fun and a different way of learning.

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