1A Choice and Mobiles

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Essential question:

"Choice is like oxygen to this generation." (34) How is or should this technology be used in education to give students a choice of how, where and when they will learn or be assessed?

Title - Jay's Video Mobiles 1A
Video Number - 1.A.1
Author -Jay P., Georgia, USA., 2009
Contributor(s) - Jake E., John V., and Jake K.- Georgia, USA, 2009
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How Mobiles Give Students Choices of Where and How they Will Learn

Current or Emerging

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Title: Choices and Mobiles

Author: Muneera

Qatar Academy

Many teachers today use SMS messages to inform the students with the assignment they have to do. This gives kids the chance to enhance their social skills and help get out of their comfort zone. So if a student misses class for a doctor's appointment, the teacher or other students can just tell that student what he or she misses. On collaboration with a project, students can converse with other students through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) or Skype. Mrs. Davis makes the students at Westwood sign up for Skype. Skype is a good chance to get to know people from the school he or she may attend or even people from around the world. Some professors in college give their tests over the internet. When students have to take tests and quizzes over the internet, it forces them to use technology that they are bound to use in the future.

A lot of teacher thinks that cell phone is the big distraction for students in class room. The reason that the teacher thinks the cell phone is the big distraction because they don’t know the entire tool and the application that you can use for the education.[1]

The mobile phone plays an important role in people’s lives, both for communicating and learning. The mobile phone is also a wonderful way for developing countries to build ICT infrastructures were fixed telephone lines and broadband internet connections are both expensive for individuals and for governments.
Mobiles phone can use it in many way, it can be use as education and it can use for communicate in many ways. You can also see the biggest growth in mobile phone use in developing countries. The Telecommunications Union (ITU),"an agency of the United Nations reports that Africa has the highest growth rate of mobile phone subscription"[2]
"In its report, the agency said two thirds of the world’s cell phone subscriptions are in developing nations and a quarter of the population is in Africa. The report noted that while just 1 in 50 Africans had a mobile in the year 2000, now 28 percent have a cellular subscription"[3]

Title - Mobiles and Freedom
Video Number - 1.A.3
Author - Lauren D., USA, 2009
Contributor - Danny, Australia, outsourced video

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Title - Mobiles and Cloud Computing
Video Number - 1.A4
Author -DonaldB, USA, 2009

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Predictions and Inventions

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Jay P. (WHS)- Georgia, USA
MuneeraQA Qatar
Yimi (SHS)Montana, USA
Lauren NS Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA
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    Predictions and Inventions

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    How Mobiles Provide Choices for Assessment and Demonstration of Learning

    Current Or Emerging

    Title -Mobiles for Education
    Video Number - 1.A.2
    Author - Yim S, USA, 2009
    Contributor(s) - Jay P., USA, outsourced Video

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    According to Marc Prensky Article . It’s so many ways that you can use cell phone for education because cell phone today got so many app and many tool that you can learn on the cell phone.<ref>Prensky, Marc. "What Can You Learn From a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!." 100/6/05 10 Apr 2009. <http://citationmachine.net/index2.php?reqstyleid=1&reqsrcid=16&mode=form&more=yes&source_title=Internet%20Journal%20or%20Magazine%20Article%20-%20One%20or%20More%20Authors&source_mod=0^99&stylename=MLA%20%3Csmall%3E%3Csmall%3E%3Csmall%3E(New%203rd%20Edition)%3C/small%3E%3C/small%3E%3C/small%3E>.